About Us

Agencies from around the world blindly trust us, because PerfectLinkBuilding is a family-owned Link Building and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Marketing firm, solely focused on building Perfect Links and SEO campaigns at unbeatable prices. Navin and Prachi, having worked for some of the world’s most impressive SEO projects, for such Global brands as Paypal, WPP Group, and Standard Chartered, directly and through agencies, purely on the compulsion of their ex-employers, they have set up PerfectLinkBuilding.com, which now serves their fast-expanding client-base, many of whom are agencies, big and small.


Navin Shanmugarajan, Senior Director

Navin has 13+ years’ experience in commercial Digital Marketing, with some top Global brands directly and through agencies. Having worked hands-on in Digital Marketing in three different continents, he has strategised and implemented SEO and Digital Marketing Integration for Global leaders in almost all major industries, including finance, FMCG, betting and Education. He is very passionate about Digital Profitability and has played pivotal roles in increasing the profitability of several companies, big and small, across the world.

Key Achievements:

  • 305% non-branded search customer acquisition growth, in the first calendar year, for the US-CA market, for a foreign exchange trading company.
  • Integration of all ATL, BTL and TTL digital channels for top Global brands.
  • 333% year-on-year new customer acquisition growth across APAC for a SaaS company.

Apart from Digital Marketing, Navin’s passions include writing, Salsa dancing, playing the tenor sax, the flute and the piano.


Prachi Navin, Director

A self-made techie, Prachi has 10+ years’ experience in commercial SEO, ranking websites from around the world, across multiple industries. From SEO budgeting and forecasting to Ranking, Reporting and SEO profits, from highly competitive finance websites to multinational e-commerce platforms, she’s taken a broad range of SEO and link building projects through to unprecedented success. She is extremely passionate about Google’s algorithmic changes and making websites that are loved by Google.

Key Achievements:

  • First-page Google UK, US, AU & CA results for some of the most competitive finance keywords in 11 weeks.
  • 273% non-branded search acquisition growth in the third quarter of working with her French boutique start-up.
  • 325% Year-on-Year growth in profitability through SEO acquisitions for a SaaS start-up.

Apart from SEO, Prachi’s passions include pets and travel.