1st Page SEO Ranks with HQ Backlinks is Now Easy! Read How

1st Page SEO Ranks with HQ Backlinks is Now Easy! Read How

“Google is smart! The SEO value of 1 Good Link today exceeds that of 100+ Inferior Links.”
— Navin Shanmugarajan, Senior Director

Basics of a Good Link

Thanks to Google’s Penguin Algorithm and the more recent: RankBrain!

Gone are the days when you got a bunch of cheap backlinks and your SEO ranks shot up. Gone also are the days when you got a bunch of more expensive links with reasonable DA (or other) SEO score, and your SEO worked.

Google’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) these days wants to see ‘editorial value’ in your link, if you want that link to help you increase your SEO domination. That means, you need to demonstrate ‘manual’ work in each of your links, instead of low-quality work. In order to ensure that each link is built to improve your SEO ranks, we look at a multitude of Quantitative and Qualitative metrics.

A Full List of our 25 Quantitative & 20 Qualitative Metrics is here.

“Building a successful link profile is like women’s makeup: you have to do a lot of work to look natural.”
— Navin Shanmugarajan, Senior Director

Top 5 Backlink Strategies for 2022

High “Editorial Value” Links

The best way to hit a high editorial value note is sime: Just ensure that the linking article is and the link look natural, when you read them. If a Google Spam Engineer, or even a potential client of yours, stumbles across the piece of writing that links to you, they should find nothing out of place: there has to be an ‘apparent’ reason why the text is linking to you. So, amongst other things, it’s imperative to ensure that the link comes from a manually-written, expert-reviewed, non-plagiarized, original piece of writing at least about 500 words long, from a relevant website.

Keyword-ranking “Golden” Links

A “Golden link”, for us, is a link from websites that already rank for a keyword, you are trying to rank better for, in your target geo-location. Where possible, you should acquire such links because this means that the “Golden” website has already been trusted, and therefore they have done the work for you, and you are just making the most of it.

Only “Good” Competitor Links

You’re setting yourself up for failure, if you are going blindly after every competitor’s every link that you can acquire. There may be a number of links on an average competitor link profile, which are indeed holding them back from ranking even better. Trained expert eyes need to spend some time telling the good from the bad, so you can just go after the good. Doing this meticulously, and for a long period of time will ensure that you are the best in business, and as a consequence, it’s only a matter of when, not if, you dominate the SEO space for your target keywords.

High Quality “Alert” Links

Set up alerts to tell you whenever your brand (or related keyword) gets mentioned on the web. If you find that the new mention of the keyword or your brand name is something you would like to be seen to be linked from, don’t wait! Contact the website and ask them to link to you as soon as possible. In exchange for high editorial value in these types of links, you can relax your geographical target to a reasonable extent.

Exact Citation from (Almost) Every Link

If you are a business that wants to dominate the SEO ranks also on Google Map results, you need to send strong citation signals to Google’s AI. This means a number of things, the most important of which are: 1. Getting as many links from your geographical location as possible, which is often identified by ccTLD of the linking domain; 2. Mentioning your address exactly as it should be uniformly in each piece of text that links to you. And 3. Mentioning your address exactly as it should be uniformly across the web even from text that does not link to you.