2023’s Best Local SEO Services

2023’s Best Local SEO Services: A Quick Guide

Even marketing novices know that search engine optimization (SEO) is a constantly evolving part of the marketing world. In such a high-risk, high-reward world, not utilizing all of the best aspects of it means you can miss out. This is why Local SEO is so important. It is a facet of SEO that is aimed at getting people in your local community or passing through your local area to be aware of your presence and visit your storefront. A fantastic example is if someone drives through your area feels the need for coffee and types in ‘Cafe near me’, your cafe would be first on the list. 

In this ever-evolving world, being aware of what’s changing in Local SEO for 2023 can help you be aware of what you need to do in order to get the most out of this useful tool in your SEO tool kit. 

Local SEO Trends & Updates for 2023

Search Engines Have Changed

Google’s algorithm is getting smarter in 2023. This is due to Google’s recent BERT algorithm update. This update lets Google know the language to a level higher than humans and will weed out techniques like keyword stuffing to prioritize niche, valuable content that is natural and conversational. The best way to make sure you adhere to this is by keeping aligned with Google’s outlines with the EAT score: expertise, authority and trust. 

Search With AR

Google will roll out a new feature in its maps where you can search with live view, this means that users can find information about areas around them, and find information on areas not in their immediate vicinity by using the cameras of other users’ smartphones. This will tell them where and how far the place they want to be is. They will also get information like open hours, the business of a restaurant and more. This is rolling out in various cities before going global. 

Optimize For Voice Search

Voice search is already on the rise, and if you aren’t taking advantage of it now, you’ll miss out on the projected rise coming for voice search in 2023 and beyond. This has become a large part of SEO as digital assistants are being used more and more frequently, leading to an increase in voice searches organically over time. In order to optimize voice searching, you can target keywords that come in the form of questions. Start thinking about who your audience is, and what questions they may have, and answer them in your content.

Mobile Optimization is a Must

If you haven’t started optimizing for mobile websites yet, you are going to be lagging behind even more in 2023. The number of people using mobile searches is rising so fast that even Google is optimizing its web searching capabilities more often to keep up with the demand. Make sure when you optimize that you pay attention to loading times, and responsiveness. 

Making the most of Local SEO to the best of its capacity is a huge job for many small businesses. If you know you could be doing more, but don’t have the capacity, a digital marketing agency like us at Perfect Link Building can take the pressure off your shoulders and work within your budget to make you a fantastic Local SEO campaign for 2023!


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