Choose The Best Link Building Agency in 2023 With This Quick Guide

Choose The Best Link Building Agency in 2023 With This Quick Guide

To start 2023 right, you can look into hiring a link building agency to improve your overall SEO and rankings while staying on top of the incoming changes to various algorithms in the new year. But not all companies are created equal, and you’re always at risk of losing more than you gain if you choose the wrong company. This is how you can avoid the pitfalls and choose the right agency to help increase your profits in 2023!

What Makes a Fantastic Link Building Agency?

There are many things to look out for when it comes to choosing a link building agency:

Brand Alignment Capabilities

When you hire a digital agency, you should make sure they can work with your brand and your goals. That is, they should be able to work within your goals and help you find new goals if needed.

Transparency means Trust

When working with a digital agency, you should feel at ease with its procedures. In addition, you ought to be familiar with their methods for building links. This is due to the fact that some SEO professionals prefer to keep their methods a secret; however, if you are paying for a service, you should be aware of what is being done on your behalf. 

Communication Matters

You should look for a link building company that is committed to excellent communication. This means more than just telling you what to expect from your link building strategy; it also means that the agency will be willing to answer your questions, provide regular reports, and set clear deadlines.

Accountability Is Vital

If something doesn’t go as planned, your link building company should be able to take responsibility for its actions. Additionally, they ought to be happy to address any issues that have arisen and devise a strategy for ensuring that your investment in their business yields substantial profits.

What Makes a Bad Link Building Agency?

Now that you’re aware of the good, here’s what to keep an eye on in terms of red flags. 

They Never Say No

Be aware that the majority of agencies are likely to be people-pleasers and accept requests they cannot keep. Try to remember that most reputable agencies will be honest about their strengths and weaknesses and know when to say no.

Planning Matters

When it comes to effective link building, the company should be able to tell you exactly how long your links will last and keep an eye on the content and links to make sure they know what’s going on with your strategy.

High Turnover is a Negative

Link building is hard work, and it can be hard for an agency to quickly create WhiteHat links. A small campaign can be created using positive link building strategies in as little as ten days if executed correctly. But many companies want things sooner, and that leads to cut corners and penalties.

You Only Hear The Good

Digital marketing isn’t a simple game.  Because of this, things can go wrong, and a good marketing agency will let you know the good news as well as the bad. If bad news comes in, a less reputable agency might not even report the issue, and if they do, will deny accountability.

PLB For Link Building Expertise

 Not to toot our own horn too much, but if you’re truly looking for the best link building agency, Perfect Link Building is the best option. Not only do we know what makes a good agency, but we’re also actively trying to be that good agency, and hold ourselves to the highest standard.

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