How to Choose a Link Building Agency in 2022?

How to Choose a Link Building Agency in 2022?

In the SEO world, Link Building has evolved into a must-have for all online businesses. Link Building itself is the act of linking other websites of high domain authority to your website, this acts as votes of confidence from other web pages to yours and tells search engines that you’re high quality and trustworthy, directing more traffic to your website and increasing overall revenue.

That being said, link building is not an easy undertaking. When done right, link building is the key to increased profits. When done wrong, you can find yourself penalized by Google for implementing spammy behaviour. These penalisations can then lead to you stopping down the ranks in search engines, or finding that there’s no more growth, to avoid this, and decrease the chance of time being wasted and penalisations occurring, the easiest thing to do is to partner with an expert link building agency.

But before you start Googling ‘the best link building agency’, there are a few things to keep in mind.

What Makes a Good Link Building Agency?

There are many things to look out for when it comes to choosing a link building agency, prior clients, experience, package prices and more. These are all important, but most importantly, you need to make sure the people you work with can cater to your needs.

Brand Alignment

When it comes to working with a digital agency, you should make sure they are able to align with your brand and your objectives. That is, they should be able to work within the goals you set, or help you find appropriate goals to set.

The digital agency you partner with should know exactly how to define success for you, with key metrics such as domain authority, social shares, rankings, and referral traffic.

Transparency and Trust

Is the link building agency you’re partnering with answering all your questions about their process, do you feel like nothing’s off-limits?

When you partner with a digital agency, you should be comfortable with its processes. Moreover, you should be aware of their link building processes. This is because there are people in the SEO industry who prefer to keep their methods secret, but if you’re paying for a service, you should know what is being done to help you achieve your goals. If you feel like an agency isn’t being totally transparent, you shouldn’t feel obliged to work with them.


Any link building agency you partner with should be committed to great communication. This doesn’t just mean telling you what to expect from your link building strategy, this also includes regular reporting, clear deadlines and the agency being willing to answer your questions.

If all of this is done well, you’ll feel like you’re being kept in the loop with accurate information, and your link building agency will feel comfortable enough to ask you if they need anything from you also, and your whole link building strategy will be better for it.


In the event that things don’t go entirely to plan, your link building agency should be confident enough to take accountability for its actions. They should also be happy to fix any issues that have arisen and figure out a way to make sure your investment in their company is returned with great profits.


This probably sounds like a given, but every agency you consider should have innate expertise in the nature of link building. This expertise should be paired with the overall experience as well, and you should be able to see this expertise at work within the company’s strategies and thought processes.

Best Practice Only

When it comes to finding a great digital agency for your link building needs, you must make sure this agency engages in only WhiteHat or non-spammy practices. To ensure this is done, look at the timeframes for completion of strategies and make sure that some mention of best practice is made during the strategy, and be on the lookout for anything that seems to be too good to be true. Remember, the secret to good link building is quality over quantity!

What Are Some Red Flags?

Now that you know what you want from a link building agency, here are some things you want to avoid when speaking to an agency.

They are Yes Men

Be aware that most agencies are likely to be people pleasers and say yes to things they can’t follow through on. Try to keep in mind that most reputable agencies will be straightforward about what their strengths and weaknesses are, and in addition, they will be able to provide evidence that they know what they’re doing.

That being said, if your agency is hesitant to say yes, that doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t know what they’re doing, it can mean that they simply want to make sure that they do all their due diligence in order to make sure they provide you with the best service possible.

They Have No Roadmap

When it comes to good link building, the agency should be able to provide you with an accurate roadmap of how long your links will last and will be able to monitor the content and links to make sure they can keep their finger on the pulse of what’s going on within your strategy.

High Turnover Campaigns

Link building is tough work, it can be difficult for an agency to create WhiteHat links quickly. On average, these link building strategies, if done well, can take over a week to ten days to create a small campaign. With this in mind, high turnover can mean that corners are being cut and you may be landed with a penalty down the line.

They Only Give You Good News

It’s hard to hear bad news, but digital marketing isn’t a straightforward game. Due to this, things can go wrong, and when they do, a good marketing agency will communicate with both good and bad news. If there’s bad news, a great agency will take steps to let you know how they intend to fix the problem. On the contrary, a lesser agency will come up with a series of excuses as to why it’s not their fault if they ever report the issue to you in the first place.


Selecting the right link building agency could be the difference between an improvement in your search engine ranking and a Google penalty. This is why you need to choose the right agency. Our tips should help you be aware of what makes a great agency, and what doesn’t.

With all this in mind, if you do need link building services in the near future, our team at Perfect Link Building fits all the good criteria listed above. Our awareness of what makes a bad link building agency is why we make sure to do the opposite. When you partner with Perfect Link Building, you know results are guaranteed every time.

So, contact us now and see what we can do for you.

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