Increase Your Sales via SEO in 2022

Increase Your Sales via SEO in 2022

If you have a business website that is sales-driven, it’s likely that you’ve tried strategies to increase your sales with SEO. If you’re finding your strategies aren’t working, or are longer bringing in the results you wanted, you may be slightly behind the times, or something may be incorrectly optimized.  

So how do we propose you increase sales with SEO? The truth is it comes down to two things, SEO and conversion. SEO or search engine optimization is the act of optimizing your website to help increase search engine rankings. Conversion is when you convince a visitor into your site to partake in a selected activity, this can be making a purchase or signing up to a newsletter. In short, if you are successful with SEO and conversion, you should find yourself increasing profits steadily over time. 

8 Ways SEO Can Increase Your Sales

Keywords Matter

In 2022 keywords are no longer the backbone of SEO, user interfacing is. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t crucial. Make sure you commit to finding and updating your keywords integrated, not just into your content but also into URLs, headings, image descriptions, emails, metadata and page titles. The best thing about keyword research is that it helps you find the right people to bring to your website. The better the keywords, the more likely your visitors are to make a meaningful purchase. 

Create Great Content

Keywords are important, but they don’t work without accompanying content. Content is more than just a way to deliver keywords, it can be used as a conversion tool also. The key to using your content to convert visitors is simply to make it user friendly. It needs to fulfil a need the visitor has. Content can also take many forms, it can be video, infographics, blogs, articles, animations, eBooks, whitepapers, lists, reviews and much more. That being said, you don’t want every type of content on your website. If you’re selling makeup products, for example, videos and product reviews would be helpful. If you’re selling books, reviews would be helpful. Varied, engaging content is key to making great profits.

Social Media

One of the fastest-growing elements of digital marketing, social media is a goldmine for online businesses. It can be the turning point for your business, but it does come with a lot of hard work. Social Media Marketing is a job in and of itself, it takes dedication, creativity and effort to get the most out of it. Social media functions as a way of showing. Amore human side of your brand, and you can even pay for advertising if required. The trick here is to identify the social media platforms that work best for you (keeping in mind the demographics that use each platform) and get started! 

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO makes your site more user friendly, and as a bonus also makes it easier for search engines to index your pages. On-page SEO involves aspects like increasing page loading speeds, using easy to read URL’s, reducing image sizes and optimizing headings. When you undertake all aspects of on-page SEO well, you essentially guarantee your website will be found by search engines and enjoyed by users also. 

Local SEO is Important

Local SEO is the act of optimizing your website to encourage people to visit your storefront. It ensures that when people search for your brand alongside ‘near me’ such as ‘Italian near me’ it will point people directly to your business. To start this process, you need a Google My Business account, which allows you to register your business on Google Maps. From there, you can optimize to make sure your website accurately describes what you offer, and all you need to do is keep the information up-to-date for potential customers.

Mobile Optimization is Valuable

With search engine’s adapting to users favouring mobile phones, you are missing out if your website isn’t mobile optimized. Think about it, your target audience finds your brand on social media and clicks through to the website. But once they get there it’s buggy, loads slowly and just doesn’t work as well as the competition. To avoid this becoming an issue, all you have to do is optimize your webpage for mobile phone usage, and make sure you try to keep your website as mobile friendly as possible  

Have a Strategy

When you want your SEO strategy to work as well as possible, a robust strategy is a way to go. Why? Because it keeps you on track. It can help you relax and realize that everything is covered within the strategy you’ve created. You can also revisit the strategy when it comes to re-optimization, so you don’t miss a thing. Strategies also help you make sure that best practice is followed throughout and stop you from procrastinating on your SEO. It’s the key to a professional SEO agency’s success and can be the key to yours too.

Manage Your Reputation

When we discuss SEO, we don’t often mention reputation management. But think about it, if you aren’t trustworthy, people won’t make a purchase. Thus, reputation management comes into play, it’s all about controlling what people see when they look for your business online. The way to do this is to always remain as professional as possible online, ensure to regularly respond to and review online reviews, especially negative ones. Resolution management will be your best friend, and from there you can work on all the issues found (if they’re legitimate) and make a great name for yourself over time. The great reviews will help you build trust, and you’ll see more organic profits coming through. 

Need Professional Help?

SEO is well known to be the key to success for all modern businesses, not just for increasing your visibility, but for also driving sales. That being said, creating and maintaining a comprehensive SEO strategy that achieves this goal can be time consuming and difficult. This is where a great digital marketing agency comes in, we at Perfect Link Building can help you optimize your SEO not just to increase your rankings, but to also increase your ability to convert visitors into buyers. We can take the worry out of the equation and let you go back to doing what you do best, running your business. 

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