SEO for Voice Search & AI

SEO for Voice Search & AI

The way we use the internet is changing – and the way the internet is powered to provide us with answers to our questions is also changing, for the better. We’re using quicker, smarter ways of getting the information we need; namely voice search. And the internet is utilizing the power of AI technology to provide us with intelligent answers, fast. 

The fluidity of how we search for things means that SEO services also need to be constantly in flux, to respond to the changing needs of consumers and the evolution of AI technology. A key example of these developments is the expansion of voice search technology. 

The evolution of voice search technology 

Voice search technology allows you to use your voice to search, rather than typing out your search. Have you ever used Siri to find a petrol station near you while you’re driving? That’s voice search technology. Your phone will have converted your spoken query into written words, and carried out the search (and hopefully got you to a petrol station!) 

This technology has existed on our phones for a long time, however the more recent expansion of smart speakers – like Amazon’s Alexa – into more and more of our homes means that SEO services also need to consider how people are using these devices in their everyday lives. 

As AI continues to expand into all areas of our lives, ChatGPT’s app also offers a voice query option, where you can converse back and forward with a virtual assistant. While SEO services don’t need to optimize for ChatGPT, it’s important to acknowledge these kinds of advancements in AI technology as search engines won’t be far behind. 

While voice search technology is a means of convenience for many of us, it’s also allowed for improved accessibility for people living with disability, like visual impairments, allowing them to easily access more information. 

SEO services should optimize for voice search technology 

Voice searches are popular, especially among younger generations and particularly for searches that are localized and specific. Voice search is handy for when you’re in the middle of using your hands to garden, or to cook. As AI technology continues to permeate all areas of our lives, this kind of search is likely to become more popular and so SEO services should start to optimize for it now. 

Optimizing for voice search means that you’ll be found by a different cohort of customers, and enhance your brand’s online reputation. As SEO for voice search might not be a priority for all online businesses, those who do optimize for it gain a competitive advantage. 

When users search using their voice, they are usually provided with a top answer in response, which makes it especially pertinent for SEO services to aim for the top spot in search results. 

How SEO services can optimize content for voice search technology 

Voice search is becoming one of the main ways that people search, and so SEO services should be optimizing for voice search technology. Here’s some of the key considerations: 

  • Answer FAQs: we know that most voice searches are delivered as a question, and so the easiest way to optimize to answer them is by writing an FAQ page.
  • Understand your audience: specifically, understand what they might be asking and how they might be asking it – then design your content to respond to that. Long-tail keywords are more effective for voice search SEO as they reflect its conversational nature.
  • Delivery is key: voice search results are delivered in the same way they are prompted; using voice, so keep this in mind when designing your content. Use shorter sentences, which sound better when read out by AI. 
  • Optimize for local SEO: as we discussed, it’s usually local queries using voice search so SEO services should focus their efforts on local SEO. 

The way SEO services can optimize for voice search is not groundbreaking or new, but like all SEO strategies, it does require specialized skills and planning to make sure you get the best results. Much like all facets of SEO, optimizing for voice search comes down to creating useful content, in a format that suits your audience and delivering that information to them via search engines. 

SEO services know how to get their clients recognized online; by creating and updating the most useful, relevant content that responds to their search queries, housed within beautiful websites. This is no difference for voice search technology. 

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