Why Only Buy Backlinks From a Reupdated SEO Agencies?

Why Only Buy Backlinks From a Reupdated SEO Agencies?

Your website’s reputation, authority and trust online are determined by many things; how good your product is, the quality of your content, the usability of your website, what people are saying about you in reviews or articles. But one of the most reliable ways for search engines to determine how trustworthy your site is, and so where to rank you in search results, is by measuring your backlinks. 

Backlinking has been the backbone of good SEO for some time, however with the prolific rise of AI in the last five years search engine algorithms have become more and more intelligent, and are now able to better identify the quality and editorial value of backlinks.

The rise of AI does not signal the end of backlinking as an essential SEO strategy – it means that your backlinking must develop to meet the growing intelligence of AI. In reality, spammy backlinking strategies were always a short term investment and would ultimately, eventually lead to Google penalties. You must only buy backlinks from reputable SEO agencies for the success of your business online. 

How has the growth of AI changed how backlinks are measured? 

Backlinks are measured by their relevance to your website’s niche – for example, if your website sells shoes, a high quality backlink would be from a fashion publication. Google also examines where a backlink is placed on your webpage – it should be naturally occurring in the body copy, rather than awkwardly in a footer. Google will also check where your backlinks are coming from – the more variety you have in your backlinks, the higher they will rank you in search results. 

None of this is new news, although they are constantly updating their algorithm, Google have been measuring backlinks like this for some time. So how has AI developed to more intelligently analyze backlinks? 

  • AI can read what is behind the backlink: which places even more emphasis on creating high-quality and relevant content – for your audience but also for the algorithm (who is working for your audience). 
  • AI can read what is around the backlink: while the algorithm was able to check where the link is placed on your site, it can now read the context in which the link appears – which means that poorly placed links no longer work. 

The cost of buying poor quality backlinks 

Good quality backlinks will link to good quality content on your site. Good quality content naturally attracts additional backlinks – so buying backlinks from reputable agencies who create high quality backlinks is a long term investment in your brand’s online success. 

But not all agencies create backlinks that are designed for long-term success. Some backlinks are low quality, or spammy. Sure they’ll increase your ranking in the short term but will be very quickly found, and penalized, by Google’s algorithm. 

Google is in the business of providing its users with the best results possible when they search. In order to continue to do this, Google is constantly improving its algorithm. As AI continues to develop, becoming more intelligent and faster, Google’s algorithm also benefits from these improvements. 

The most recent algorithm updates have focused on eliminating manipulative SEO practices that are designed to quickly improve search rankings, without investing in quality content that is relevant to users – this includes low-quality, spammy links that provide no value to the search user. 

Only buy backlinks from a reputable SEO agency or the algorithm will quickly recognize your low quality backlinks and your site will be sent to the bottom of search engine results pages. It will take extensive rebuilding to reestablish your previous SEO ranking, and it will take you a lot of time and cost a lot of money. 

Buy backlinks from reputable SEO agencies as they stay ahead of AI updates 

Reputable SEO agencies are invested in Google’s algorithm updates, and the regularly shifting digital landscape – including the constant developments to AI technology. It’s their business to keep on top of what Google is looking for, how they are measuring your SEO and using their research to deliver SEO strategies for you that work, including high-quality backlinks.

Perfect Link Building are an SEO agency who are dedicated to using their years of technical research along with their team’s ongoing work in the digital marketing space to deliver results for their clients.

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