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We are the perfect White-Labelable SEO & link building company, because of our 15+ years’ experience delivering unmatched SEO performance across industries and countries, through high-quality & fully-manual SEO & link building, managed by an exclusive team of Ex-Googlers.

As all our work is manual and future-proofed, we see unparalleled commercial growth of sales via SEO, for each of our clients, whether they are a start-up or a global leader. Not sure how you approach SEO and link building? Our Free SEO Audit & Consultation is a great start!

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These High-Quality 100% Manual & Google-friendly link packages, carefully designed by World’s Top SEO experts, have proven extremely powerful in all industries.

Top-page Results in 2 to 6 Months, based on Popularity of Keywords you Choose. A full SEO Package is best for you if you want us to take care of all your SEO & links, even including making updates on your website.

Examples of Key On-page Tasks

Est. Top-page Results in 2 to 6 Months, based on Popularity of Keywords You Choose and how well your On-page SEO is. If you want us to take care of your entire SEO, "Full SEO Packages" are best for you.

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* Please note that: although any link specifications (including DR and DA) may slightly vary, based on the circumstances of the link, and link availability, especially for Non-English languages and specific countries, and high-CPA industries like Finance, we will do our best to match them to the specifications in your order as closely as possible. We will give you only 100% high-quality perfect links, approved by top SEO experts. Read full Terms & Conditions.

Find perfect Individual Links for your Canadian business

Internal links are links that go from one page in a domain, to another page in the same domain. Commonly used for navigation, they allow users to navigate websites, help establish information hierarchy for websites and help with link equity at the same time.

In other words, when search engines crawl an individual page, they need to see content to list pages in their keyword-based indexes. They also need to be able to browse the pathways of a website. In order to allow search engines to properly navigate the website and rank it higher, internal links or individual links are the best way to rank higher and are unfortunately overlooked by many in their link building campaigns. 

If you want to utilize the full benefits of individual links in your backend, it’s important to partner with an expert digital marketing agency. This is where Perfect Link Building comes in. Perfect Link Building is a digital marketing agency that specializes in everything related to link building. This means that we are the experts on link building, no one knows this complicated landscape better than us. So, if you want to work with the experts, you should work with us.

Advantages of Our Links

When you work with Perfect Link building, we strive to bring you every advantage possible related to link building. Some of these advantages include:

Domain Checking
It’s not enough to just link your website to any random webpage on the internet and hope it all goes well. This sort of link building is the type that leads to penalization and lower return of investment. That’s why, at Perfect Link Building, we only link your website to relevant, established, and high-quality websites with a high domain ranking. High domain ranked websites almost ‘lend’ some of their quality to you when you link to them. This is why Perfect Link Building uses the best tools on the market to measure the website domain and rank, in order to find the best websites to link to.
Niche-Oriented Links
We know that every link in your strategy has immense value to your website's search engine ranking. This is because we take the time to only make high-quality links, and each link has its own value to your website. With this in mind, we don’t just link to any high-quality link website. We only link you to websites of high quality within your own niche. Regardless of the industry you operate in, we know how to find the right people to link to. . By undertaking this process of linking your website too similar niches, we can bring you up the search engine ranking organically.
Original Content
Multifaceted link building campaigns benefit from great content. This is because, if your linked content is not well crafted, it won’t attract anyone to click on it, and the link loses its value almost immediately. Keeping this in mind, Perfect Link Building makes sure that when we create bespoke websites for you to link to, they feature unique content. This content isn’t just written by a team of experts, but it’s original, informative and contains keywords that can further help you rank higher.
Variety of Languages
Perfect Link Building is a truly global agency. No matter where you’re based, or what language your clients and audience operate in, we can create content for you. This means that everyone can access link building services, regardless of language. If you need this service, we reach out to our global network of content writers all over the world, to bring you the best link building, tailored to your niche, with guaranteed results.
Keyword Text Optimization
Often overlooked by our competitors, keyword and anchor text optimization is an invaluable aspect of link building. In order to have a properly multifaceted approach, your content can’t just be well written. It must contain a plethora of keywords, further helping you climb up the search engine rankings. These keywords are the result of keyword research and are placed, not just in the content, but also into anchor text, for even more of an SEO boost. In addition, these keywords are always embedded in the content, to read naturally, and not feel irregular.
We know that businesses of every size can benefit from link building, and we don’t want anyone to miss out. This is why we have a range of packages available when it comes to link building. No matter the size of your brand, or your marketing budget, you can find a package to suit you with us, and the best part is, we don’t skimp on the added benefits at lower package levels. You still get all the advantages of link building, for less.
Always Available
Whether you need support through the link building process itself, whether you’re curious about what we can offer you, or if you just want to say hello, we love hearing from you. This is why we’re always on call, and always available. You can call, email, text, video chat or drop into the office anytime!

Why Select Perfect Link Building for Link Building?

We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to link building agencies. But we also know that no one is better than us for bringing a robust, multifaceted service that is unbeatable for bringing you guaranteed results.

Immense Experience
Perfect Link Building has been in the digital marketing space for over a decade. When you partner with us, you can rest assured that we bring you the best every time, as we have for clients over the last thirteen plus years. It is this accumulated expertise that allows us to guarantee results for all of our clients, time and time again, as we lean on the lessons learnt from prior clients, leveraging this knowledge for everything we do for you. We let our clients speak for ourselves, just look at our client testimonials to hear what they think.
Always Evolving
As the digital market constantly evolves over time, we have made sure to evolve with it. This is why we invest in constant research and development. Not only does this allow us to stay ahead of changing algorithms as well as our competitors, but it also allows us to bring the best tools of the trade to our clients. All our employees, from the CEO to the content writers, are encouraged to partake in research and development. This commitment is a part of the reason we can guarantee that you will only get the best tools, knowledge, and strategies every time you partner with us, at Perfect Link Building.
Proven Results
From the day we started, to now, our team has proven themselves to be the best in Canada when it comes to link building. Our unique multifaceted approach to link building has made sure that all our clients end up having a high CTR, or click-through rate, to achieve an organic improvement in their search engine ranking. Many of our clients have maximized their profits by over 10x with the aid of our services, and this is a number we’re proud of. Contact us now, and we can guarantee you results.
Quality Assurance Always
In digital marketing, affordable WhiteHat SEO companies are hard to come by. White-Hat refers to SEO services that are approved by Google and are totally legal and safe to use on your company. The reason many companies skip WhiteHat techniques is that it’s far more time consuming than BlackHat, or corner-cutting techniques. We are well aware that our competitors can advertise building you hundreds of links in just a few hours, but these links can be judged by Google to be BlackHat, and spammy, causing you to be penalized or nullified by Google and dropping you low in the search rankings, the opposite of your goals. To avoid this from ever happening, we at Perfect Link Building always ensure that all of our practices are strictly WhiteHat only and uphold ourselves to the highest level of digital marketing best practice to avoid additional penalization. Sure, this means our processes take a little extra time and effort, but we think it’s worth it in the end.
Full Transparency
No one loves reporting as much as we do. We get it, as a marketing manager or business owner, you’ve had enough of reports, but for us, they are the key manner in which we communicate to you how your link building campaign is going. This means you always know what’s going on underneath the hood. In addition to this, we don’t do hidden costs. After your consultation, the quote you get is all you’ll pay. We have this commitment because it’s so hard for businesses, especially small businesses to stick to a budget, and we’d like to help you in any way you’d like. If you find along the way that you have questions regarding what we’re doing, the reporting or just asking about the weather, we’re happy to lend an ear, our inbox, phone line and door is always open.
Focus on Business Operations
It’s every business owner's dream to focus on business operations and not think about all the marketing needs on top of everything else. When you work with a brand like Perfect Link Building, you can hand over your link building needs to a well-established agency and put your energy where it needs to be, into your business. If you require, we can take over every facet of your digital marketing, beyond just link building, taking the effort off your hands and allowing you to do what you do best.

No.1 Agency Solution: White label Links & SEO!

Several very successful big & small agencies have been hugely benefiting from our services for many years. They just order our services and re-sell them as theirs. Yes, it’s that simple!

3 Simple Reasons Why We’re The Perfect Whitelabelable SEO Agency

100% Discreet & Whitelabelable

100% Discreet & Whitelabelable

We’ve an unbending commitment to be your full-service discreet SEO agency for ever with full support.

Unbeatable Price

Unbeatable Price

Given the quality of our service, and the level of support, we guarantee the best price in the market.

Masters of SEO

Masters of SEO

Our SEO Experts are among the most skillful SEO people with constant R&D and world-leading training.

We’re an SEO Agency that Helps You

Get High-authority Links

Get High-authority Links: Through custom blogger outreach and original content.

Get Local Citations

Get Local Citations: To rank high on location-based searches and Google Maps.

Get Top SEO Ranks

Get Top SEO Ranks: To ensure free high-quality visits, leads and customers.

Save Significant Money

Save Significant Money: By cutting costs on paid marketing and on other channels.

Increase Share of Voice (SOV)

Increase Share of Voice (SOV): of your brand overall so that your brand recognition is improved.

Our SEO Deliverables Include

Targeted SEO campaigns

Targeted SEO campaigns: We take care of all SEO work needed for best commercial results.

Daily optimization

Daily optimization: We carry out various On- and Off-page work daily and monitor results.

Free SEO & Link Training

Free SEO & Link Training: We provide the necessary training to your in-house teams for best results for free.

Free Anytime Consultation

Free Anytime Consultation: We’re happy to consult any time you need, by phone or email.

Free Regular Reports

Free Regular Reports: We take you through reports and break things down, so you best understand.

Our Cutting-edge SEO Innovations

High-Quality Link Earning

High-Quality Link Earning: To ensure your website #1 on Google, Bing etc


Geotargeting: For getting you new customers from your target regions effortlessly.


Localization: For precise local-targeting of your potential customers.


Internationalization: For multinational businesses to get the best SEO results.

Ongoing SEO & Link Scoring

Ongoing SEO & Link Scoring: To constantly monitor your website’s authority.


100% Transparent, Trusted & Family-owned

Blurn Group is a family business that has been thriving on clients’ trust for well over a decade. Each client, regardless of their size, is important for us. Some clients treat us just as an extended arm of their internal team. Read More reasons why most successful companies trust us.

Best value

Guaranteed: Best Service & Value

We not only guarantee the highest quality of work but also the lowest price given the quality of our work, so you get the best value. Whether your business is a multinational industry leader or a small start-up, our pricing is 100% transparent.

Let's do Future-proof SEO

Our HQ SEO & Link work has significantly increased our clients’ profits, in some cases, even in just 3 months.

Growing Your Profits with Our 4-Step Link Building Strategy

Without cutting corners, considering best practice, and being informed by our prior experience, we have crafted a 4-step link building strategy. This strategy is a streamlined approach to link building that can then be altered to suit your businesses individual needs. Allowing for maximum customization, without wasting additional time or money. 

1. Research
All of our strategies begin with an initial consultation, where we identify your goals as a brand and what your individual link building needs will be. From here, we conduct extensive market research. . This is where we look at the industry you work in and what their competitors are doing. We also look at what unique keywords your competitors are ranking for and thus, identify what keywords we should focus on. Sometimes, businesses know exactly what they need already, and in that case, we’re happy to focus on the keywords these businesses request. The overall goal of this step is to give us a clear indication of the link opportunities that lie ahead.
2. Select
Once the research is conducted, we take this raw data and start identifying the best websites with high domain and page ranks to link to. Throughout this process, we look for high traffic websites and blogs that best suit the client’s industry and niche. As soon as we have identified these websites, we undertake the process of assessing their website content to judge how strong the link opportunities are. Then, we reach out to these top tier websites to obtain permission to link back to them. The goal in this step is to find the best spaces to link your website and start communicating with these websites.
3. Generate
Now that we have a list of websites in place, we utilize our team of content writers and editors to generate the most readable, high-quality web pages. These web pages are designed to be readable, informative and contain embedded keywords. These pages help guarantee the use of your links, and we make sure they appeal to your key audience, so you can achieve views organically. The overall goal of this step is to generate all the bespoke content, webpages and information required for your links service to be a success.
4. Review
Now all the articles we generated are live and online, your link building strategy is active. The next step is to carefully monitor your overall link portfolio to ensure it is as effective and efficient as it can possibly be. This is crucial as it avoids the waste of valuable time and money. The goal here is to make sure clients see the profits as promised, and if needed we can tweak the strategy to work better for you.

& Much Much More


Link building is a part of SEO best practice. Although it’s less well known and less talked about, it’s still important. By building relevant links to your website from high-quality sources and building trust with Google, you can reach a higher ranking. With a higher ranking, you can drive organic traffic to your website, and increase your profit. 

Sure it can! If you know exactly what you need from our link building services, just let us know during the consultation, and we can mould ourselves to fit into your existing campaign. We can do this because we don’t think of our strategy as a hard and fast tool, instead of it’s malleable and can fit your needs.

Our minimum average time to make links is ten days. We know this is more than our competitors advertise, but the reason for this timeframe is because all of our links are 100% manual and original, that is, we make them from scratch. We don’t cut corners either, so we need this time period to allow for all content, and webpages to be created, with best-practice guaranteed throughout. The wait is worth it, in our opinion, as the profits will be long term. 

Put very simply, internal linking is when your website links to other URLs on the same website. Where external linking is when you link to URLs on another website. So, internal links are links to your own pages to help search engines navigate your website, and external links are linking to other pages to increase search engine ranking. 

Internal links are super important because they help Google understand your website and the way it’s laid out. As you give Google links to follow along, with the help of descriptive anchor text, you can tell Google which pages are most important as well as what they‘re about. Overall, internal links are great for user experience and can help improve general engagement. 

There’s no definite answer to this question. But Google has stated they can crawl hundreds of links per page. That being said, they aren’t saying you should use hundreds of links. We try to limit the links per page to a reasonable number to provide additional SEO benefits and limit the possibility of penalization. This number is often depending on your goals and needs, but we can estimate that it will definitely be between 10-100 on average.