International SEO to Grow Beyond Borders

International SEO to Grow Beyond Borders

While you might have a stronghold on your domestic market, if you are ambitious to grow in other countries, SEO is the biggest opportunity by far, regardless of the size of your business. To compete in an ever-evolving digital marketplace, it’s imperative that businesses operate from a global perspective. International SEO is a set of SEO tactics that create and constantly improve international visibility for your website with the view to grow your business in your target countries. It is also the mastery of our international SEO & link acquisition team. Let’s examine some high-priority aspects of SEO that enhance your website to peak overseas performance, and achieve the best international SEO results.

Understanding International SEO

International SEO is way more complex than domestic or local SEO as it involves getting your site visible and functional for users in different regional markets and for users who might speak different languages and have different cultural preferences.  Strong on-page SEO and authoritative links in relevant and reputable websites within specific regions you want to target are imperative to advance your website’s authority in overseas markets and boost rankings.

Deciding which International Markets to Target

Whether you sell tee-shirts or create wellness content, when attempting to elevate your online presence on the global digital stage, you need to decide what countries or markets you are going to dive into. Firstly, are there any countries outside your local market that you’re gaining some traction in already? An international SEO specialist can help you with the initial audit, keyword research, and examine what international markets your competitors are already succeeding in. An excellent first step is to look at the impressions for your website in Google Analytics and see where they are coming from.

International Search Engines Beyond Google

Google is a dominant digital force, but when enhancing your site for global markets, it’s key to consider what other popular search engines there might be in your geo-targeted regions. For example, Baidu is popular in China, and alternative search engine DuckDuckGo, which has most users based in the USA, has been quietly increasing its search engine market share to around 0.69%. The bottom line? Thinking beyond Google in your international link acquisition strategy can tap into fresh global markets.

Planning your URL Structure for International SEO

Next, there’s the question of what type of URL pattern is best for your website. Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLDs) is a popular choice — for example, in France, local users are familiar with .fr when browsing. But, that method means several different domains for your website. Other options are known as a sub-directory URL such as or structuring your URL as a subdomain so you can have a bespoke naming convention.

International On-page SEO & HREFLANG

A wide range of on-page SEO tasks need to be carried out for your success beyond borders. For example, HREFLANG codes will tell search engines like Google what country and language each of your webpages targets. It is absolutely imperative that your international SEO professional takes this into account and meticulously carries out all the on-page tasks necessary, alongside HREFLANG implementation.

Global Link Building for Advancing International Performance

Link acquisition efforts to enhance the international visibility of your website is an agile journey, incorporating in-depth geo-targeted keyword searches, leveraging relationships in different international markets through guest blogging or local influencers, and acquiring links in local business directories. Another consideration when boosting traffic in various global pockets is whether you are going to build your international SEO and global link acquisition by targeting a country or a specific language with a different instance of your website. Perfect Link Building can guide you every step of the way to localising your content for world markets.

Looking to the future

Are you interested in finding out more about how to expand your online business into international markets? Why not reach out to our link-building specialists and international SEO experts for a robust global digital strategy. Get Free Consultation.

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