SEO is much more Profitable than Paid Media

SEO is much more Profitable than Paid Media

Paid media versus SEO: how do they work?

We’ve established that the end goal of SEO and paid media is essentially the same: online visibility that leads to people clicking on your page, and ultimately your business growing. 

When done effectively, an SEO package will increase your ranking in search engine results pages, building your brand’s online reputation and driving traffic to your site, organically rather than through paid ads. 

Paid media or ads appear at the top of search engine results pages, and are marked as ads. You generate the ads, based on key words you’d like to target,  and pay each time they are clicked on by users. Paid media appears in search results instantly, whereas when you invest in an SEO package, the results take time to generate, however they are longer lasting. 

SEO packages are more cost effective than paid media

Paid media requires constant monitoring to make sure that costs don’t skyrocket quickly, as you pay each time someone clicks on your ad. A click doesn’t necessarily lead to a sale so paying per click doesn’t guarantee a great return on investment. SEO on the other hand, when done well, will always add to your brand’s online reputation, which eventually leads to clicks and sales. 

SEO packages can include website optimisation to give your visitors the best experience on your page, content creation to build your brand’s authority in your industry and off page strategies like link building. All of these strategies build solid foundations for long-term growth of your business online. By investing in SEO packages, you’ll pay for the initial work, which will build your brand’s reputation and the results will snowball. Paid media stops working as soon as you stop paying for it, which is why SEO packages are overall a more cost effective option. 

SEO packages gain more credibility – and so clicks – than paid media

When consumers shop online, they want to not only get the best product but they want to feel a connection with the brand they’re purchasing from. They want the brand to offer them more than just a great product, but an experience; with their online store, their content and their shopping experience. 

Consumers are savvy; they understand that ads that appear at the top of search engine results pages have paid to be there. While a lay person may not understand the nuances of SEO strategy, they do understand that the algorithm is designed to give them the best results possible, and so trust the brands who appear organically high in search results. The higher your brand ranks, the more likely you are to receive clicks and if your website offers users the experience and products they want, then they will spend time there and purchase. 

Paid media is a short-term investment, SEO packages will deliver long lasting results

When you purchase ads they immediately appear at the top of the search results you’ve selected, but they also disappear as soon as you stop your campaign. Paid ads do not create any lasting online credibility or build your brand’s reputation. 

SEO packages are designed for long-term online growth and they’ll build your business’ reputation online. Link building is a foundational part of good SEO packages, as they improve your website’s authority through external links. When a website links back to yours in their content – as a reference or to link to your product – it’s noted by the algorithm; the more that other pages link back to yours the more credibility your brand builds online, and the higher the algorithm will place your page in relevant search results. 

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