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*Directly With Our Senior Director

We Proudly Employ some of the Best SEO Minds in the World, including Top Ex-Googlers and hence our unparalleled success.

With an average of 336% verified growth in tangible return on investment across all eligible clients’ SEO projects (Direct & White Label), we emerged as #1 winner out of 125 competing global agencies at Top Digital Results 2024 summit.

What Our Clients Say

Great SEO company. Fantastic results.
- James. OB, NY Insurance, New York

Great Local, National & International SEO Work!
- Nicole P., London Metropolitan University, London

Excellent service & reporting.
- Daniel H., Porsche, Berlin

I’m floored by the SERP results.
- Matthew M., Simply Merchandise, Melbourne

Quick & Impressive SEO rank climb!
- Mark B., Mindshare, San Francisco

Why are our Link Building services rated New Zealand’s best by Experts & Clients?

That’s because of the number of companies we’ve helped grow through our bespoke SEO and Link acquisition campaigns. The companies have achieved record profit growth from our team’s work.

How can we guarantee results for you?

We employ some of the World’s most successful SEO Experts, many of whom are Ex-Googlers. They have devised our unique, Future-proof, 6-step Link Building methodology that has been constantly driving unprecedented SEO rank growth, even in the most competitive industries, for brands and agencies across the world. You can choose any of our high-quality link building packages to get the biggest link boost for your Local, National and International SEO performance growth.

What makes our links the most Google-friendly and future-proof?

Each link we acquire for you is 100% manual, created by some of the best SEO Experts in the industry, and placed in well-optimised pieces of writing by our own writers. Each of the link placements goes through a strict quality control process, as it is measured and monitored using 50+ link metrics. This is to ensure that each of your links is of the highest quality both aesthetically and technically so that your website is not going to be penalised by Google in the future. From ccTLD and Domain Authority of linking websites, to Trust Flow and Anchor Text, we can design and create your industry-best link profile for you. Please see our “Future-proofing SEO” section for more technical link details.

FAQs about Link Building

Link Building is the process of building hyperlinks from other websites back to your own. Search engines crawl and study these links to understand your importance on the web. The higher the quality and number of these links, the better your prominence will be on search engines, all other link metrics being good. This is because search engines such as Google count these links as votes of confidence while computing the trustworthiness of your website. 

Links are the fuel for your SEO campaign. Nothing is more important for SEO performance than Links, as search engines use your website’s links to determine how prominent your business should be. Although link building is an integral and necessary part of SEO, many digital agencies don’t carry out link building as part of their SEO service due to the difficulty involved in acquiring high-quality Google-friendly links. 

Link building, when combined with great on-page SEO, such as user experience, on-page keyword optimisation, site loading speed, multi-platform use, and website authority can lead to your website’s climbing up the search engine ranks quickly and organically.  

Our unique Future-proof 6-step Link Building methodology has been the backbone of unprecedented SEO performance growth for several brands and agencies of all sizes across the globe. We’ve managed to bring a wide range of tangible benefits to all our clients, no matter how large or small their link building campaigns have been. Here are just some of the key aspects of our “Future-proof” links.


We have 15+ years of experience being at the cutting edge of performance-based SEO. This makes us the most relevant and efficient link building service in the world. We are trusted by companies of all types in all industries across the world. We have a different team of dedicated Link Acquisition Specialists for each major industry. 

Proven Results

Our results-first SEO strategies have delivered unprecedented profit growth for companies of all sizes across the globe. We ensure steady rank growth leading to tangible revenue improvement.   

Authority Growth

As all our links are 100% manual, acquired from a carefully-chosen list of websites from a bespoke campaign launched especially for you, the authority growth of your website measured by metrics such as Domain Authority and Domain Rating is rapid. As a result of our adherence to strict quality metrics, the power of each of our links is usually equal to the combined power of several normal links, and our quality control ensures that your links come with no risk.

Improved Site Indexing

As we carry out our high-quality link building, we’re helping Google’s algorithm discover and index your pages faster. This leads to higher search engine ranking as indexing is key to Google’s algorithm. 

 Lasting Links

To make sure your investment has solid returns in the long term, we take as many external factors out of our link building as possible. By combining bespoke content with relevant keywords, we can generate links that outperform your competition and stay live permanently or for a long time. 

Optimised Writing

Each of your links comes from well-written high-quality unique content written by our in-house writers. We optimise each piece with the keywords relevant to your business and what you want to rank for. 

 Niche Links Only

To be most effective, your links have to be relevant to the industry you operate in and benefit the audience you want to attract to your website. This is a critical aspect of link building that we take seriously.

Brand Building

Link building is invaluable to building your brand, as it is directly related to your content footprint across the web. Link building helps market your brand too, as trustworthy sites refer you to their audiences. This means more qualified visitors, and these visitors are more likely to trust your brand as they were referred from another trustworthy site. We find this invaluable as greater trust and a positive brand reputation mean people are more likely to make purchases directly from your site. 

 Business Referrals & Connections

When you undertake an outreach campaign for your link building with Perfect Link Building, we reach out to reputable blogs, websites, and services within your industry to ask them to link back to you. This means that the people behind these websites will come to know about you and can quickly help you expand your networking.

Full-Time Support

All of our clients can contact us at any time through either email, SMS or chat. We not only support our clients throughout the link building process but even after. This is a critical part of our commitment to keeping you informed at all times. This is also one of the reasons that our clients value our packages so highly. In addition, our clients can also reach out to us for valuable SEO tips and advice at any time.  

All Languages

One of our Unique Selling Points is that we are capable of creating link building content in all languages. With over a decade of experience in SEO and link building, we have built a team of experienced content writers and link building partners across various countries. This enables us to produce high-quality articles for all clients no matter where in the world they might be.

We aim to provide maximum value for money for you in everything we do, and we often achieve industry-best SEO results where the budget allows. We have a guaranteed quality promise and all the work is 100% manual. So, we’re happy to optimise the campaign and links for any niche/keyword/geo/language etc to get you the best possible SEO results and we’re also able to customise anything for you (anchors, local citations, TLDs, etc.). Of course, when all of this is done by such Senior SEO Experts as those we hire, it’s going to involve a good amount of their quality time. But, given the amount and quality of work, we put in, our clients find that in a cost/result scenario, we’re the most economical and 100% safe. 

We encourage our clients to look at value for money and cost/result rather than just the price of a set of links or SEO packages as looking at the price in isolation could be misleading. Yes, there are agencies, some off-shore, that would do SEO for almost nothing, but they could actually land a website in deep trouble via Google penalties that may even be as severe as making the website lose its ranks for its own brand terms. Reversal of such penalties may not always be possible, and if possible, could prove unforgivingly costly. Companies approach us with all sorts of penalties received as a result of black/grey-hatpenalising gray-hat SEO done by untrustworthy SEO agencies. 

With Google’s ‘Helpful Content’ algorithmic update, besides a couple of other major Algorithmic updates, Google is navigating progressively towards UX and quality of SEO work across all areas of on-page, content, and links. Google has been heavily penalising websites with low-quality SEO work. So, it’s imperative that quality resources are invested in building an SEO campaign, for it to be successful in the long term.

All you need to do is contact us and we will take care of the rest. Our team will create a plan for you based on your business objectives for free, as part of our initial audit. Once we have the plan in place, we will take care of the steps required for each aspect of SEO.

Our Clients' Recent SEO Performance

Client: New York Hub Insurance Agency, New York


Client: Worth Ross, Texas & Colorado


Client: Spill Station, Sydney

566-Cost-Savings-in-Paid-Search-CPA-1-1 (1)

Client: Simply Merchandise, Melbourne

408% SEO Visibility Growth in just 2 months

Client: New York Hub Insurance Agency, New York

#1 Rank for the Most Important Keywords in 3 Months

Client: Worth Ross, Texas & Colorado

566% Cost Savings in Paid Search CPA

Client: Spill Station, Sydney

566-Cost-Savings-in-Paid-Search-CPA-1-1 (1)
#1 Rank on Google for the Most Important Keywords in 4 months

Client: Simply Merchandise, Melbourne


Let's do Future-proof SEO

Our HQ SEO & Link work has significantly increased our clients’ profits, in some cases, even in just 3 months.

Why do Top Agencies Choose Us?

Technically World Leading
100% Manual Links & Articles
Cost Effective
Top SEO Results
Award-winning Support
Quick Turnaround
100% Transparent

Our SEO Packages, Link Packages & Individual Links

Choose from our monthly full SEO packages if you want us to take care of your entire SEO end to end. If you just want us to get you high quality links, choose from our monthly link building packages. Alternatively, if you just want to place an order for individual links to start with, choose from our individual link options.

Top-page Results in 2 to 6 Months, based on Popularity of Keywords you Choose. A full SEO Package is best for you if you want us to take care of all your SEO & links, even including making updates on your website.

Examples of Key On-page Tasks

Est. Top-page Results in 2 to 6 Months, based on Popularity of Keywords You Choose and how well your On-page SEO is. If you want us to take care of your entire SEO, "Full SEO Packages" are best for you.

Choose from below High-Quality links.

* Please note that: although any link specifications (including DR and DA) may slightly vary, based on the circumstances of the link, and link availability, especially for Non-English languages and specific countries, and high-CPA industries like Finance, we will do our best to match them to the specifications in your order as closely as possible. We will give you only 100% high-quality perfect links, approved by top SEO experts. Read full Terms & Conditions.

Featured Case Study of the Month


408% SEO Visibility Growth in just 2 months

– NY Insurance Hub,
New York

No.1 Agency Solution: White label Links & SEO!

Several very successful big & small agencies have been hugely benefiting from our services for many years. They just order our services and re-sell them as theirs. Yes, it’s that simple!

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Our SEO-related Services Include

HQ Link Building Services

HQ Link Building Services

If you want to improve your SEO performance long-term, you need our High Quality Future-proof Link Building Service. We acquire links based on around 50 future-proof metrics so that your links work best and look good. We cover all languages and regions.
Read More

National SEO Services (New Zealand)

National SEO Services (New Zealand)

If you want to acquire sales and leads from across New Zealand, or from select regions within New Zealand, you need our all-inclusive National SEO Service. This also covers national link acquisition. This will get you long-term results, as quickly and as efficiently as possible.
Read More

International SEO Services

International SEO Services

If you want to acquire sales and leads from across the world, or from select countries, you need our all-inclusive International SEO service. This also covers international link acquisition, with a good portion of country-TLDs, among our other Future-proofing metrics.
Read More

Local SEO Services

Local SEO Services

If you want to acquire sales and leads from across your city, or from select cities, states or regions, you need our all-inclusive Local SEO service. It also covers local link acquisition and citations, alongside Google My Business optimisation amongst other things.
Read More

SEO Web Design Services

SEO Web Design Services

If you want a new SEO-friendly custom website, or to revamp an old website and get more sales and leads without spending money on advertising, you need our SEO Web Design Service. This will ensure the best-possible SEO from launch and give maximum returns.
Read More

Website Migration Services

Website Migration Services

If you want to revamp your website, make a large number of changes to it, or change your domain name, without affecting your SEO performance, you need our Website Migration Service. This will also significantly improve the SEO performance of your new website.
Read More

Online Reputation Management Services

Online Reputation Management Services

Your potential customers look up your business on the web before choosing you. In order to control and ensure only appropriate things come up about your business on the top pages of search engines, you need our Online Reputation Management Service.
Read More

SEO Website Audit

SEO Website Audit

In order to understand exactly what needs to be improved on your website for maximum SEO performance growth, you need our Full SEO Website Audit. This will give you detailed reports on On-page, Content and Link improvements required for SEO growth.
Read More

SEO Competitor Research

SEO Competitor Research

Our SEO Competitor Research Service is designed to provide you with a detailed report on your SEO competition covering everything you need to know in the SEO space of your industry, from who your competitors are, what keywords they are targeting, and how.
Read More

3 Simple Reasons Why We’re The Perfect Whitelabelable SEO Agency

100% Discreet & Whitelabelable

100% Discreet & Whitelabelable

We’ve an unbending commitment to be your full-service discreet SEO agency for ever with full support.

Unbeatable Price

Unbeatable Price

Given the quality of our service, and the level of support, we guarantee the best price in the market.

Masters of SEO

Masters of SEO

Our SEO Experts are among the most skillful SEO people with constant R&D and world-leading training.

We’re an SEO Agency that Helps You

Get High-authority Links

Get High-authority Links: Through custom blogger outreach and original content.

Get Local Citations

Get Local Citations: To rank high on location-based searches and Google Maps.

Get Top SEO Ranks

Get Top SEO Ranks: To ensure free high-quality visits, leads and customers.

Save Significant Money

Save Significant Money: By cutting costs on paid marketing and on other channels.

Increase Share of Voice (SOV)

Increase Share of Voice (SOV): of your brand overall so that your brand recognition is improved.

Our SEO Deliverables Include

Targeted SEO campaigns

Targeted SEO campaigns: We take care of all SEO work needed for best commercial results.

Daily optimization

Daily optimisation: We carry out various On- and Off-page work daily and monitor results.

Free SEO & Link Training

Free SEO & Link Training: We provide the necessary training to your in-house teams for best results for free.

Free Anytime Consultation

Free Anytime Consultation: We’re happy to consult any time you need, by phone or email.

Free Regular Reports

Free Regular Reports: We take you through reports and break things down, so you best understand.

Our Cutting-edge SEO Innovations

High-Quality Link Earning

High-Quality Link Earning: To ensure your website #1 on Google, Bing etc


Geotargeting: For getting you new customers from your target regions effortlessly.


Localization: For precise local-targeting of your potential customers.


Internationalization: For multinational businesses to get the best SEO results.

Ongoing SEO & Link Scoring

Ongoing SEO & Link Scoring: To constantly monitor your website’s authority.


100% Transparent, Trusted & Family-owned

Blurn Group is a family business that has been thriving on clients’ trust for well over a decade. Each client, regardless of their size, is important for us. Some clients treat us just as an extended arm of their internal team. Read More reasons why most successful companies trust us.


Guaranteed: Best Service & Value

We not only guarantee the highest quality of work but also the lowest price given the quality of our work, so you get the best value. Whether your business is a multinational industry leader or a small start-up, our pricing is 100% transparent.

Our Future-proof 6-Step Link Building Strategy

To ensure the highest boost for your SEO, our world-renowned SEO Experts, including some Ex-Googlers have developed our 6-step link building strategy. Designed to suit your specific brand goals, we have found this strategy to work effectively with clients from across the globe, every single time.

After a consultation with you to understand your goals, we identify your best keywords and SEO targets to make them the centre of our strategy. We plan your growth one keyword at a time ensuring that every aspect of potential links is covered in detail. For example, we put together an anchor text strategy, a TLD breakdown, and a content plan. 

With your goals at the centre of our strategy, we start market research. This involves researching the industry you operate in, as well as studying what your competitors are doing within their own link building. In addition, we look at the unique keywords that are helping your competitors attract traffic and determine what else you should be focusing on. If you’re a business that already knows exactly what it wants, we focus on your selected keywords as well. 

Once we have completed the relevant research, we start identifying and selecting the best websites with the most suitable SEO metrics for your website. We look at each website through the lenses of 50 link metrics to ensure complete future-proofing, such as Domain Authority, Traffic, Trust Flow, and Citation Flow. We also look for a good user experience and high traffic. Once we’ve identified the websites we want to use, we then assess them to see how strong your SEO growth opportunities are with that website. 

Now that we have decided how much content you need in the linked page as part of our content plan, we now work with our experienced content writers and editors to craft your bespoke content. Our content production covers a lot of material beyond just text, such as videos, widgets, infographics, etc. as required. 

Once we arrive at a shortlist of websites that pass our tests, we reach out to them to obtain relevant links back to your website. In this step, we also decide how many links we’d like to create from each placement. These bespoke links are most powerful as we have almost full control over the domain, and we make sure they last long.   

Once we’ve acquired your desired links, our team will continue to thoroughly monitor each link on a regular basis, to ensure that they are as effective and efficient as they can possibly be. This is important as it avoids the waste of valuable time and money in the form of broken links. The goal here is to see the desired improvement in your organic traffic, powered by our High-Quality links. 

FAQs about our Link Building Services

Link building plays a major part in not just SEO but the overall digital marketing domain. By building relevant and authoritative links to your website from high-quality sources and building trust, you’ll be able to achieve a higher ranking in search engines. Both external links and backlinks, therefore, play a huge role in making sure that your website is visible on Google. So, it’s obvious that getting a fair share of high-quality backlinks is a great way to boost search rankings. If you don’t have the time or resources to get quality backlinks, there’s nothing better than hiring the services of a link building company like us.

Expertise and Proven Track Record.

Our link building services are backed up by years of experience. We have helped many of our clients grow their SEO ranks and their profits by making their websites an authority in their particular domain. Our ability to link client websites to reputed high-quality websites in their own niche has been one of the main reasons that we have been able to maintain a consistent level of service excellence. This is also the reason that most of our clients trust us with their link building and SEO optimisation needs.

If you need more proof, you can check out our client testimonials.

Our quoted delivery time is a minimum of ten days, and we mostly deliver the link building articles well within the timeline. Since all of our links are 100% manual and original, we might occasionally consume the complete ten days. So, you can rest assured that you will get the best results and the quickest delivery possible once we deliver all of your pages.

Yes, we can customise our link building strategy to fit your existing SEO strategy. If you are crystal clear about what you want out of our link building strategy, we will make sure to fit it into your campaign. If you are not, don’t worry. We are flexible and open-minded enough to work with you and will be open to tweaking our strategy if it needs to be tweaked. If you have any questions, we are happy to answer them. Get in touch anytime!

No. All our links are 100% permanent. So, they will always work, even after some time. In fact, we prefer to invest our time in providing link building services that will work for a longer period of time, rather than building links that will break down in a few days or months.

However, around 10% of all sites might experience downtime due to several factors outside our control. This is the only case our links might not work.

No SEO or link building agency can guarantee you the top-most SEO rank because Search Engine results are algorithmically driven. However, we can assure you that we provide the best link building and SEO services that have helped several keywords in various domains reach the top ranking on the Search Engine Results Page. 

If you are aiming for the top-most SEO ranks, we would suggest that you partner our link building service with the best on-page SEO strategies. This will ensure that getting to the top-most SEO ranks. Our SEO experts can help you with the on-page SEO support that you might need, so please get in touch with us if you need it.