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We are the perfect White-Labelable SEO & link building company, because of our 15+ years’ experience delivering unmatched SEO performance across industries and countries, through high-quality & fully-manual SEO & link building, managed by an exclusive team of Ex-Googlers.

As all our work is manual and future-proofed, we see unparalleled commercial growth of sales via SEO, for each of our clients, whether they are a start-up or a global leader. Not sure how you approach SEO and link building? Our Free SEO Audit & Consultation is a great start!

The World's Best Link Building Service

Link building is one of the most critical elements of your website marketing strategy and, if done correctly, can lead to significant improvements in website traffic, conversions and brand awareness. However, there are hundreds of link building agencies in the world. Therefore, it is important to choose a link building agency that has an established history of success and will provide quality and timely link building services that will help your brand get higher search ranks and increased profits. Perfect Link Building is a trusted and reputable link building agency that operates with the main goal of increasing client profits through excellent link building services
At Perfect Link Building, we are always looking to ensure maximum value for your money. Therefore, all our packages are built to help our clients build high quality, highly relevant backlinks. Our service is fully ethical and always adhere to all our clients’ requests.
You can choose any of our cost-effective and high-quality link building packages mentioned below to get the best link building support in the world.

Top-page Results in 2 to 6 Months, based on Popularity of Keywords you Choose. A full SEO Package is best for you if you want us to take care of all your SEO & links, even including making updates on your website.

Est. Top-page Results in 2 to 6 Months, based on Popularity of Keywords You Choose and how well your On-page SEO is. If you want us to take care of your entire SEO, "Full SEO Packages" are best for you.

Choose from below High-Quality links.

* Please note that: although any link specifications (including DR and DA) may slightly vary, based on the circumstances of the link, and link availability, especially for Non-English languages and specific countries, and high-CPA industries like Finance, we will do our best to match them to the specifications in your order as closely as possible. We will give you only 100% high-quality perfect links, approved by top SEO experts. Read full Terms & Conditions.

Premium White Label Link Building Services in Malaysia

When it comes to something as highly rewarding as link building, you have to know that it is also high risk. Link building is the act of connecting your website to other, authoritative websites with the intent of using these websites to increase your own website’s ranking overall. The risk involved is with Google penalties, these penalties are applied to websites that employ spammy, low-quality links, duplicate links or links that are not relevant. 

If you want to employ link building, it’s important to use only Whitelabel techniques, these are white-hat or best practice techniques that avoid Google penalties and enhance your ranking, not decrease them. This can be hard for anyone trying to handle their own link building, as you need to know what Google is penalizing in order to avoid it. This is why you should partner with a fantastic link building agency to facilitate this.

Choose Perfect Link Building for Whitelabel Link Building Services

This is where Perfect Link Building comes in. We are a digital marketing agency that specialises specifically in everything related to link building. This means we know this complicated landscape better than anyone else on the market and can make sure your link building strategy is done with best practice in mind.

Benefits of our Whitelabel Links

When you partner with Perfect Link Building, we do our best to bring you all the benefits of link building, regardless of the package you choose.

Link building is one of the most meaningful ways to build your brand. This occurs when you link websites to high quality and reputable sites. As you align yourself with fantastic brands, you burrow their authority. This authority then lends credibility to your brand and can help you gain trust with possible customers. The higher your ranking is, the more authority you will have, due to this ranking, and the trust Google has accrued. These factors mean your brand will soon become an industry leader and become more memorable to visitors as time goes on.

As you undertake the process of linking your own brand to high-quality websites, you don’t just increase the traffic to your website but also the status of your business. When readers of a high-end blog discover your website, they stand a better chance of checking out your website to see if it fulfils a need they have. This link related referral system can build immense trust with visitors and turn them into paying and engaged customers.

Businesses can’t run without connections. This is part of the reason we have such a commitment to our clients; connections mean a lot to us too. So, if you utilise an outreach program within your link building, you get to network with new people in your industry as you reach out to them to host your links.  When you do this through Perfect Link Building, we can facilitate these connections and make you industry-specific connections through link building strategies.

It’s not enough to link your website to any random web pages on the internet and hope it gains traffic. This sort of corner-cutting link building is the type that leads to penalisation and lower return on investment. This is the main reason that we at Perfect Link Building only link your website to high domain ranking websites because these websites lend you some of their quality when you link to them. To undertake this, we use the best tools in the market to measure each website’s domain and ranking to find the best websites to link to.

Every single link in your strategy has immense value to your website’s search engine ranking. This is the reason we don’t just look for high domain ranking websites, if we focused on these, you’d only get a broad audience to your website. Instead, we look to websites that are both of high quality and within your industry. This means the traffic directed to your website will be people searching for something already in your industry which makes them more likely to engage in something you provide. By undertaking this process, we can bring you up the search engine rankings in an organic manner.

Great link building campaigns need great content. This is because, if your linked content is not well crafted, it won’t attract anyone to click on it, and the link loses its value almost immediately. With this in mind, we make sure that when we create bespoke websites for you to link to, they feature unique content. This content isn’t just written by our team of experts, but it’s original, informative and contains well-chosen keywords to help your rankings grow. 

We are a truly global agency at Perfect Link Building. This means that no matter where you are located, or what language you operate in, we can create a link building campaign for you. This global factor sets us apart, as we can utilise our network of writers to facilitate your link building strategy, tailored to the niche you work in, and with guaranteed results.

A factor often overlooked by our competitors, keyword and anchor text optimisation is an invaluable aspect of link building. To have a properly multifaceted link building strategy, your content needs to be more than just well written. It needs to contain a wide range of keywords, helping you further climb up the search engine rankings. These keywords are the result of intense keyword research and are placed in the content and anchor text for even more of an SEO boost. In addition, our keywords are always naturally embedded in the content, you won’t even know where they are. 

At Perfect Link Building, we know businesses of all sizes can benefit from link building, and we don’t want any Malaysian businesses to miss out on our Whitelabel link building. This is the key reason we have a large range of packages available when it comes to link building. No matter the size of your brand, or your marketing budget, you can rest assured that we have a package that will suit you. The best part is we don’t skimp on the added benefits at lower package levels, you will always see results.

No matter what you need us for, whether just to ask for a consultation, if you have questions about your link building, or just want to chat about the weather, we love hearing from you, and we’re happy to help. This is why we try our hardest to be as available as possible. You can call, text, email, video chat or drop into the office anytime!

Why choose Perfect Link Building

We know there’s a lot of choice on the market for digital agencies. But no one beats us for white label link building, and this is why.

When it comes to digital marketing, affordable WhiteHat SEO companies are hard to come by. WhiteHat refers to online practices that are approved by Google and are totally legal and safe to use on your company. The reason many companies skip WhiteHat techniques is that it’s far more time consuming than BlackHat, or corner-cutting techniques. We are aware that our competitors can advertise by building you hundreds of links in just a few hours, but these links can lead to penalisation, and this penalty can cripple your online presence. To avoid this, we at Perfect Link Building hold ourselves to the highest practice.

We have been in the digital marketing world for well over a decade. This means that when you partner with us, you can rest assured that we will bring you the best of our knowledge every time, as we have for the last thirteen plus years. It is this accumulated expertise that allows us to guarantee results for all our clients, time and time again. When you partner with us, you can rest assured that we will lean on our prior experience to bring you the best.

With the digital market constantly evolving over time, we have made sure that we evolve right alongside it. This is the core reason we invest in constant research and development at Perfect Link building. This allows us to stay well ahead of changing algorithms as well as our competitors but also allows us to bring the best tools on the market to our clients. All our employees, from the CEO to the content writers, are encouraged to partake in research and development. This is the reason we can guarantee that you will only get the best tools, knowledge, and strategies every time you partner with us.

From the day we began to today, our team has proven to be the best in the business when it comes to link building. Our multifaceted approach to link building has made sure that all our clients achieve an organic improvement in their search engine rankings. We have seen our clients maximize their profits by over 10x with the aid of our service, and this is a number we’re proud of.  Contact us now and see how we can help you!

Not everyone loves reports as much as we do. We get it, as a marketing manager or business owner, you’ve had enough of reports, but for us, they are the key manner in which we communicate to you how your link building campaign is going. This means you’re always kept in the loop and that we can always keep ourselves accountable for our actions in your service. In addition, we have no hidden costs, and this is reflected in our reporting. 

We understand that every business owner dreams of focusing on business operations and not on the marketing needs of their business. When you work with experts like us, you can confidently hand over your link building needs to a well-established agency and put your energy where it needs to be, into your business. If you’d like, we can even take care of all your digital marketing needs, not just link building, allowing you to put your energy where it needs to be.

No two of our strategies are the same. This Is because no two businesses are the same. So instead of creating a cookie-cutter template, we at Perfect Link Building have made a streamlined strategy based on your brand’s personal goals. This way, we can be sure the strategy will work, no matter which business it is applied to, and make sure the results are as personalised as possible. By using a bespoke strategy, we can adhere to your business morals and make sure you are informed and comfortable with the strategy we implement.

No.1 Agency Solution: White label Links & SEO!

Several very successful big & small agencies have been hugely benefiting from our services for many years. They just order our services and re-sell them as theirs. Yes, it’s that simple!

3 Simple Reasons Why We’re The Perfect Link Building Agency

100% Discreet & Whitelabelable

100% Discreet & Whitelabelable

We’ve an unbending commitment to be your full-service discreet link building agency forever with full support.

Unbeatable Price

Unbeatable Price

Given the quality of our service and the level of support, we guarantee the best price in the market.

Masters of SEO

Masters of Link Building

Our Link Building experts have exceptional skills that are coupled with constant R&D and world-leading training.

We’re a Link Building Agency that Helps You

Get High-authority Links

Get High-authority Links: Through custom blogger outreach and original content.

Get Local Citations

Get Local Citations: To rank high on location-based searches and Google Maps.

Get Top SEO Ranks

Get Top Search Engine Ranks: By creating original and high-quality links.

Save Significant Money

Save Significant Money: By cutting costs on paid marketing and other channels.

Increase Share of Voice (SOV)

Increase Share of Voice (SOV): With the aid of high-quality links and SEO support.

Our Link Building Deliverables Include

Targeted SEO campaigns

Targeted Link Building Campaigns: We take care of all the link-building work needed for increasing your rank and profits.

Daily optimization

Daily Optimization: We carry out keyword research and link building audits daily and monitor results.

Free SEO & Link Training

Free Link Building Training: We provide the necessary link building training to your in-house teams for free to ensure the best results.

Free Anytime Consultation

Free Anytime Consultation: We’re happy to consult any time you need, by phone or email.

Free Regular Reports

Free Regular Reports: We take you through reports and break things down, so you best understand our process.

Our Cutting-edge Link Building Innovations

High-Quality Link Earning

High-Quality Link Earning: To ensure your website is #1 on Google, Bing, etc.


Domain Authority Checking: With the help of MOZ and other leading tools.


Domain Rating Checking: And page rating checking using Ahrefs tool.


Niche Targeting: For ensuring highly relevant SEO-boosting links.

Ongoing SEO & Link Scoring

Ongoing Link Scoring: To constantly monitor your website’s authority.


100% Transparent, Trusted & Family-owned

Change Below text to: Blurn Group is a family business that has been thriving on clients’ trust for well over a decade. Each client, regardless of their size, is important for us. Some clients treat us just as an extended arm of their internal team.
Read More reasons why most successful companies trust us.


Guaranteed: Best Service & Value

We not only guarantee the highest quality of work but also the lowest price given the quality of our work, so you get the best value. Whether your business is a multinational industry leader or a small start-up, our pricing is 100% transparent.

Let's do Future-proof SEO

Our HQ SEO & Link work has significantly increased our clients’ profits, in some cases, even in just 3 months.

Maximizing Profits With our 4-Step Link Building Strategy

Our link building strategy is a bespoke streamlined approach to link building that can be tweaked to suit your business and its individual needs. This allows for maximum customisation, without wasting any time or money.

1. Research
At Perfect Link Building, our strategies always begin with an initial consultation, whether we identify your goals as a brand, or what your individual link building needs will be. From this point, we then conduct extensive market research. This is where we take a good look at the industry you work in and what their competitors are doing. We also look at what unique keywords your competitors are ranking for and thus, identify what keywords we should focus on. Sometimes, businesses know exactly what they need already, and in that case, we’re happy to focus on the keywords these businesses request. Their overall goal of this step is to give us a clear idea of what link opportunities lie ahead.
2. Select
Once our research is complete, we take the raw data and start identifying the best websites with high domain and page ranks to link to. Throughout this process, we look for high traffic websites and blogs that best suit the client’s industry and niche. As soon as we have identified these websites, we now assess their website content to judge how strong the link opportunities are. We then reach out to these top tier websites to obtain permission to link back to them. The goal in this step is to identify the best places to link your website and start communicating with these websites.
3. Generate
We now take that list of websites we have in place and utilise our team of expert content writers and web developers to generate the most readable, high-quality web pages. These web pages are designed to be readable, contain embedded keywords as well as be as informative as possible. These pages help guarantee the use of your links, and we make sure they appeal to your key audience, so you can achieve views organically. The overall goal in this step is to generate all the bespoke content, webpages and information needed for your links to be a success.
4. Review
Now that all the articles we generated are live and fully online, your link building strategy is active. The next step is to carefully monitor your overall link building portfolio to ensure it is as effective as possible. This is crucial as it avoids the waste of our valuable time and money. Our main goal in this step is to make sure clients see the results they were promised, and if we need to, we can tweak our strategy to work as well as it possibly can.

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