Future-proofing SEO

Future-Proofing & AI-proofing SEO

Once you get SEO right, you’ve got unprecedented business growth at a relatively low cost. That’s why building a Google-algorithm-friendly SEO campaign that is also future-proof against future algorithm updates, is one of the most challenging tasks in all of digital marketing.

We love, live and breathe SEO! For over 15 years now, we have been passionately spending around 30% of our entire resources in SEO Research and Development, going through and reverse-engineering each of Google’s algorithm updates, of which there are several each year. Besides constantly researching the results of experiments done by other top SEO minds in the world, we test our SEO and link building practice on 125+ websites that we own across multiple industries/regions before we propose them to you.

Google’s algorithm looks at 350+ (yes, 350!) different factors of your web pages, before giving it a particular rank, for a particular keyword, at a particular time, in a particular location. Of all those 350+ factors, about 20 are related to your links, and your overall link power is the most important ranking factor of all.

Google has some of the smartest algorithms, which are programmed to pick up and penalise “unnatural” SEO and links, largely based on these 20 different link metrics. We go several steps further, to ensure that all our links are not only Perfectly Google-compliant but also future-proof, by looking at our constantly-updated-and-growing 50 (yes, five-zero!!) different link metrics of each of your links. That’s more than twice as many link metrics as Google itself and hence why the industry leaders call our links ‘Perfect’!