How to get the best Backlinks

How to get the best Backlinks

If you want to improve your search engine ranking, you know that link-building is vital. But building individual links yourself can be time-consuming, so many people opt to buy backlinks.

The issue, however, is that if you buy backlinks from the wrong people, you can wind up with irreparable damage done to your website. But when done right? Buying backlinks can help you get increased organic traffic, better search rankings and more.

So how do you do backlinks the right way?

Step One: Know How Many Backlinks You Need
Before you think about targeting a keyword, it’s vital to determine how many links are required to rank. Without this, you may try to rank for keywords that don’t exist or keywords that would need a lot of work and money to rank for. This requires tools such as Ahrefs to be done accurately. But overall this step tells you how much buying backlinks will cost you.

Step Two: Undertake A Link Gap Analysis
Knowing how many links you need isn’t enough. You also need to know the website’s authority before requesting links. This is where a link gap analysis comes in. What you have to do is examine the link profiles of the top five rivals and record the number of links at each DR (Domain Rating) level. This makes you aware of the quality of the backlinks you will require from guest posts, niche edits, and more. The last step is to then compare your website to those of your rivals at a domain level and then make sure you have enough backlinks to rank well.

Step Three: Map Out Anchor Text
You will not rank if you make a mistake, or you could be penalised. One of these mistakes is duplicate text. In general, it’s best to be safe and not to use the same anchor text twice. The most effective way to do this is through anchor text cycling. Duplicate text is often what Google looks for when penalising or freezing rankings, so avoid it with this step.

Step Four: Establish Drip Dates
This is where it’s important not to buy links in bulk. This is because to search engines, it seems more natural to buy them in small quantities. In addition, the date the links are bought should be random too. This is what makes the process look natural to Google.

Step Five: Buy Quality Backlinks
This is where you follow your link gap analysis, purchase high-quality backlinks, adhere to the plan, and watch the results. The important thing to do here is to keep an eye on what’s working and note what’s not.

Where Do You Buy Backlinks?
The process leading up to buying backlinks is already a lot of work. Especially if you’re already busy managing other aspects of a business and its growth. On top of this, working with another company to manage the purchasing of backlinks is also a lot of work, so if you need any guidance in buying backlinks, contact us now.

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