International SEO: Best backlinks for international SEO performance

International SEO: Best backlinks for international SEO performance

A well-rounded digital marketing strategy is founded on strong link building; the quality of your link building strategy can make or break your SEO performance. Consider backlinking like you would the spine of a book, it holds everything together and supports the performance of your other SEO tactics. 

Building backlinks for international SEO relies on a targeted strategy that considers  who you are targeting and where they are located. The more strategic and considered you are, the more successful you will be. 

Often, engaging the services of a link building agency to build an international SEO strategy, like Perfect Link Building, will save you time and money – you can rely on their years of experience and access to cutting edge technology to create a powerful strategy that delivers results.  

The complexities of international backlinking

A backlink is a link from one website to another; by linking out to them the host website is recognising the relevance and accuracy of the reference website on a certain subject, and the algorithm inturn recognises this as it scans for relevant search results. 

International backlinking follows this principle – websites reference other websites to infer their authority on a topic – but its implementation is different, and invariably more complex, as you’re dealing with multiple international locations and often multiple languages. 

One market’s international backlinking strategy won’t work for all markets 

Just like there’s nuance to the way different languages work, there’s different tactics and strategies that will work well in one country and won’t work at all in another. There’s also nuance in the way people search in different languages and countries that feed into international SEO tactics.  

Do your research on international SEO strategies and what will work for your target audience. This will involve a lot of trial and error and sometimes, it’s easier to rely on an expert agency for implementing international SEO. 

Country and region-specific links are important 

Backlinks that originate from a specific region or country should form part of your international SEO strategy. They show the algorithm that your content is relevant and useful to that country or area, so improving your ranking internationally. 

These links will have an extension to their Top Level Domain (TLD). To target specific countries, aim for websites that have a country code TLD (ccTLD), for example, links targeting a British audience might end with .uk and German websites would have a .de extension.  

There’s value in regional, generic TLDs also – for example, .com, .net or .org – as long as your content is useful, targeted to a local audience, written by a native speaker, and in the local language. 

Search engines will register these specific backlinks when they are ranking results in search pages. The more country-specific or regional backlinks you have the higher you’ll rank in search results. This is an essential part of international SEO. 

Quality content is key 

When the algorithm is trawling websites for search results, it’s looking for high quality content. It wants to provide results that are useful to users, and when your website has useful, relevant and well-written content the algorithm knows it, and vice versa – it knows when the content is irrelevant or poorly written. 

When you’re considering an international SEO strategy, you need to tailor your content for your target audience – this may mean translating to the local language or changing your content approach entirely. Here are some key considerations: 

  • Your content should be written in a local language, ideally by a native speaker. 
  • Use subject matter experts to create localised content. 
  • Make sure your links come from thought-leaders or websites that have a good reputation and authority in your target area. 

Rely on the experts 

If you’re ready to expand your reach to international customers, remember the complexities we’ve outlined when it comes to international SEO. Each country has nuances when it comes to backlinking and search engines are smart enough to see through any shortcuts. 

If you know what you are looking for when it comes to results, but are less sure on the implementation of a successful international SEO backlinking strategy, you might be best to leave it to the experts. 

Perfect Link Building can create an international SEO strategy to meet the goals of your business, using their team’s expertise and access to cutting edge technology.

They’re an agency of SEO strategists, HREFLANG specialists, programmers and local link acquisition experts. 
Perfect Link Building’s international SEO capabilities are backed by content writers in local regions, from American Spanish content writers in Peru to European Spanish content writers in Barcelona – and the specificity of this targeting will provide you with a results-driven international SEO strategy. To get expert support for your business, visit

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